PhotoLab and Nik Collection - non-destructive edits does not work

I am in PhotoLab.
I have a nef (raw Nikon)
I click to Export it to Nik Collection e.g Viveza
in Viveza I have “non-destructive edits (larger files)” enabled.
i make one edit.
I save it back to PhotoLab, where it now appears as a .tiff
i open that .tiff in Photoshop

i expect to see two layers - the original and one with my Nik edit applied.
I see one background with my Nik edit applied.

So, it did not save a tiff layer file and the edits are not non-destructive.

For me, this is a deal breaker. I am thinking of moving from a LR/PS workflow but not being able to at least save tiffs with layers per Nik edit would put me off.



Ok. It seems I misunderstood. Non-destructive edits means that you can export from PhotoLab to the same Nik plugin and each filter in that plugin (the same one) will subsequently be editable by opening the tiff again from within PhotoLab - as described at the bottom of this page.

So - not what I expected - that I would get layered tiffs with each Nik edit applied to a layer. But useful nonetheless. The produced tiffs are not horrendously big

The “nondestructive” feature has confused a lot of users. It isn’t really nondestructive in the way most people might have assumed.


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Robin Whalley created this tutorial back in 2021:

The bit under the heading ‘Limitations of Nik Non-Destructive Editing’ might help you.