Photolab and Microsoft Fancyzones

I have an ultrawide screen for my windows computer so I use Microsoft PowerToys with Fancyzones to divide my screen reral estate into areas for convenience. Photolab is one of the few apoplications that wont remember it’s position between restarts of the application, it seems to shift it’s position horizontally to the right with the amount of the activity bar width on every restart (I use a vertical start meny bar).

Could this please be remedied on next update?

From what I can tell, Fancyzones is not a standard part of the operating system and it might be that it could be causing the problem? Have you tried checking that Windows, without Fancyzones, remembers PL5’s position correctly?

PL5 on Mac perfectly remembers its position between launches.

I have now tested this by removing FancyZones from my computer.

I have started Photolab and just turned it off 5 times consequently.
Everytime Photolab starts up it is moved approximately 10% to the right, in other words it launches in a new position horizontally each time. Lighroom Classic as a contrast is not exhibiting this behaviour, nor it Photoshop, MS Edge or Google Chrome. As a matter of fact, not even Filmpack shows the same behaviour as Photolab, DxO Filmpack 6 remembers it’s position correctly between app starts, with OR without Fancyzones it works correctly while Potolab does not.

My screen resolution is 5120x1440.

In that case, I would suggest you raise the issue through DxO’s channels