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  I had been a long time user of Photoshop, but when they went to subscription, I honestly didn’t care for their software and how it function compared to yesterday year. But I continued using it for my photo restorations. I purchased PhotoLab 5 Elite but find myself continuing to use Photoshop for most of my work.  and recently decided I was sick of paying for Photoshop Subscription and canceled it upgrading to PhotoLab 7 Elite…. Attempting to use the lab full-time. But I have realized that even though it’s the new version seven elite, it seems extremely lacking for anything requiring photographic restorations. Are there possibly any plans for its future to be improved in that regard?


@ToXiCImaging , please be specific about what functionalities you miss.

Hello there and welcome.

PhotoLab is more of an advanced raw developer with some amazing features for noise reduction and local and global color correction and tuning.

Even though it have some repair and healing features it’s not a pixel editor and it do not do color restoration either - if you with that mean as a restore tool for digitised historical photos.

For that kind of work PL is not the tool to use.

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I agree, the repair tool (rubber) is more “how to remove spots on a picture” than “how to repair a whole zone of the image”. You need photoshop still in 2023 to do it. Photoshop revolutionized the zone repair algorithms with the “content aware fill” in 2016, which use a early version of generative data algo.
DPL is very lacking in this area but this is not the prime focus here.
However, DPL having reached maturity in several domains, it will have to improve globally because the strategy to be a full alternative to Adobe Product (with the advent of the catalog feature) is assumed and still true. So this is not an excuse and I think they will have to improve their generative AI expertise. A first practical way, and could be a selling point for DPL8 could be a much more advanced repair tool.
This “cloning” reparing scheme is limited when you want to remove a tree, or a complex shape.

… on another note, am I possibly doing something wrong with the forum posting? I noticed that the postings replying to my original post look normal. However my postings are looking like a screencapture of my post…?


   First off I would like to state that I do think the Lab' is an excellent program... and I do realize that its main design is catered to making already great photo's per'say, even better. And I totally agree.  
   As for my original inquiry, "Kyosato" hit the proverbial nail right on the head.  And again I am not trying to make it sound like I was complaining about the program.  I was more looking toward the future and hopeful that more precise "Repair" oriented capabilities might find their way in.

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