Photolab 7 Elite Not Saving Preferences

I don’t want Photolab to apply any presets to my images when the images are selected so I went to Edit->Preferences and under the General Tab → Corrections, I selected 6- No Corrections for RAW and RGB images. I clicked OK, and exited Photolab. When I restart it and select a picture presets are being applied with color saturation so I am assuming the No Corrections setting is not being saved.
Any idea on how to solve this???
Thanks for all your help in advance.

Welcome Jorge

You have correctly modified the parameters BUT they will ONLY be applied to new photos.
For current photos, reapply the preset “6- No Corrections”.

By the way, I’m responding to your request, but it’s not the right choice depending on how PhotoLab is designed.


You may have a look → Image Browser vs. Editor - #6 by Wolfgang

I set [RGB] to “6 - No Correction” because I don’t want my JPG files (captured in parallel to Raw) to be altered by PL.

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