Photolab 7 crash on selecting image


I can open PL7 without issue. However when I select another image it crashes and presents me with a crash report for Apple.

I’m using a M2 Mac Mini

Any suggestions are welcome

Hello there.

What kind of format is the photo?
Which default preset is selected?
Which Deep prime Accelerator is selected?

post raw file + .DOP file

It might help if you post the raw and the sidecar to see if others can reproduce the issue.

Exactly the same problem here with immediate crash -no answer of support until now.

DXO PL Elite 7.1.1 on MacStudio on macOS 14,2 Beta 4
Sony ARW, Iphone JPG all the same, Nikon NEF

I’ve raised a ticket and the developers are looking into it.

Maybe something to do with the beta o/s ?

For a stable production environment a beta version of something should never be installed.
Unless it specifically solve a specific problem and is recommended as a solution by the representative of that software.

That’s said I’m quite sure DxO will not help you are on an unstable/unsupported macOS version.

Revert to a stable macOS or set up a dual bootable solution or a VM where you can toggle between stable and beta releases.

For what it’s worth, I just installed the latest Beta and PL7 is now running just fine.

Same for me. I’ve tried multiple file types and files stored both locally and on external drives.

Same here. Crash on selecting image. Running Sonoma 14.3 beta 3 might be the cause, as other measures (reinstall, safe mode etc.) didn’t help. :frowning:

Betas are betas. Means in debugging stage.
Just try a supposed stable version and see if it works.

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That’s why betas are not to be ran unless one want to gamble or play with it for fun. :slight_smile:

LOL. I’m back in the same boat as you. What I found is that mine only crashes when I select an image with my mouse from the viewer area at the bottom, but if I use my arrow keys to navigate, it works fine. I’m able to edit with no issues (so far). Hope that helps you in the meantime.

Fingers crossed a non-beta release is around the corner.

I’m going to stop using beta on my Mac. PhotoLab seems particularly susceptible to wonkiness with MacOS betas. Everything else seems to work just fine

Yes, I’m now off the beta and back on normal os updates and all is well now.

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