Photolab 7.0.1 slow to launch / freezes for a minute


Hi, I wondered if anyone else had encountered startup problems.

I’m pretty sure that 7.0.1 was working fine for me yesterday but recently, I launch the program and when the interface appears, if I try to click on anything (e.g. menus), I get “Not Responding” and can’t do anything but wait. There appears to be no DxO CPU activity according to Task Manager. About a minute later the Not Responding disappears and I can continue as usual.

I have tried reinstalling and also deleting the database.
My graphics card Studio driver is up to date.

The log shows the minute in question:

An entry at 00:07:05:013 followed by one at 00:08:01:025

Any ideas before I submit a bug report?

Thanks, David

sometime it’s only a matter of rebooting your computer, they need a fresh restart once a week. just to add, there is also 7.2 update to PL7 and so far it work fine on Mac.

Yes, I’m seeing the occasional “lock-up” with PLv7 too, David.

I see your GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 … mine’s a GTX 1650 - - Perhaps that’s significant.

I have logged a support call … I suggest you do the same.

John M

Thank you John,
Perhaps some reassurance that I’m not alone.

I’ll report my issue today.

David McA

Thank you Mike for your suggestions.

Alas, rebooting my PC does not help and as of 8 hours ago there was no 7.2 update for Windows. I will check though before filing my bug report this evening.

David McA

We apologize for the current GPU issues you may be experiencing on versions PhotoLab 6.9+, PhotoLab7, and PureRaw 3.6.1 . We understand that some of you have noticed a significant slowdown with applications on old GPUs (i.e. possessing less than 4GB of VRAM). Please rest assured that we are actively addressing this issue and a hotfix will be available very soon.

To provide a little background, these problems stem from an initial attempt to resolve random black images and errors observed while using the AI denoising, specifically with DeepPrime and primarily DeepPrimeXD. These issues arose as the network needed to reserve a chunk of memory on the GPU for processing tasks. If it was unable to do so, the processing of the whole or part of the image failed.

To prevent such inconsistent errors, we introduced a failsafe during the initialization of PhotoLab in version 6.9, enhanced further in versions 6.10/7 and PureRaw 3.6.1.
Essentially, PhotoLab/PureRaw attempts to reserve the required memory on the GPU and, if unsuccessful, it defaults to processing everything on the CPU.
The downside of this is that GPUs on the lower end of the spectrum are disproportionately affected.
Furthermore, we regretfully did not fully anticipate the number of users this would impact nor the extent of this impact, which not only slows down image processing but potentially other computer operations as well.

We assure you that we will be reassessing this strategy rapidly and working tirelessly to devise an alternative solution that minimizes overall impact.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience.

Best regards


Happens with my GPU - AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT which has 6GB of Vram

Thanks, its not effecting me but its great that some one is now keeping customers informed about what for many is a big problem. With any luck we may get updates on some of the other problems discussed here.


Mine gets a fresh start every single day from cold after a standard shutdown every night.

Still the issue persists

Thank you for the detailed update @Cecile-C … it’s refreshingly welcome and much appreciated. :white_check_mark:

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@tilltheendofeternity Hello, Could you, please raise a ticket with DxO support via this contact form page:
You’ll be personally assisted there. Regards,

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Hi Cecile.

For the moment it appears to have stopped. If it recurrs I will log it to the address you have given,

Kind regards