PhotoLab 6: "This folder does not contain any image"

Trying out PhotoLab 6: I have an external drive with a large number of photographs - something over 10,000. When I first browse this disk via the PhotoLibrary tab, I get the message “This folder does not contain any image.” I fired up PhotoLab 5 to verify that the photos were all there, after which I noticed that some of the photos were starting to appear in the PhotoLab 6 PhotoLibrary. Other folders continued to give me the message saying there were no images. If I open and close the parent folder, the missing images seem to show up. Other than that, I haven’t spotted a clear cause for this problem.

Here’s the sequence I’m following:
(1) Click on parent folder - “no images”
(2) Click on subfolders - “no images”
(3) Close parent folder in PhotoLibrary - images now show up in the parent folder
(4) Images also show up in the subfolders

I see the same problem on the MacBook’s internal disk, so it apparently has nothing to do with having an external disk or with having a large number of images.

I see that, when the subfolders are failing to show any images, PhotoLibrary displays them as if they had subsubfolders (with a “>” in front of the subfolder icon). The “>” goes away when I follow that steps listed above and find the images displayed correctly.

I’m using an M1 MacBook Pro, running macOS Monterey, Version 10.6.

My first thought is to double check you have reset the filters.

I have definitely done this in the past ie filter set to only show 5* images, and I navigate to a new folder that doesn’t have any 5* pictures so am shown no images.

It’s a simple fix if this is the cause, fingers crossed it is :crossed_fingers:

Same problem. Quit the program and restarted and it works fine. But for how long? Seems like a bug to me.

Hey there, Mac M1 user here and experiencing this annoying issue over and over again. Any solution? It’s driving me nuts.
Restart doesn’t work, neither renaming files.