Photolab 6 - stable version?


I skipped photolab version7 upgrade (luminosity mask feature was a feature asked for photolab by many and then dxo team choosed to put it in filmpack to force users to buy filmpack. And I can’t support this kind of behavior).
I actually use photolab 6.3.1 windows but it is full of bugs : it either freeze and needs to be restarted or freeze and open a dxo bug feedback windows (I sent tens of feedback to dxo), this more than 10 time a cession (generally when moving denoising microscopic preview window or when moving crop zone, and other).

So, waiting for next major update to know if I continue to support photolab or not, I’d like to install a stable v6 version.

What v6 window version do you use without any problem ?

I tried photolab v7.?? and had no more those probems.
My graphic card drivers are updated.
I add that my workstation is very stable with any other software I use (even with those using graphic cards lot lot more intensively than photolab).

Thanx for your responses.

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Note that I use Mac…but DxO support has asked me to completely remove DPL before installing it again. Seems that DPL can leave things behind that one wants removed.

How easy or complicated it is to fully remove DPL on Win, I cannot say though, but you might try your luck and whatever tool can serve the purpose.


I didn’t try this and will.

Any response from happy windows photolab 6 users ? Which version do you use ?


There have been 9 updates following PL 6.3.1. The current version is 6.10.1. It is unlikely that DxO will assist you until you’ve updated to a more current version of PL6 since all those 9 updates contain various bug fixes.

Since I and most other Windows users on this site are not experiencing the consistent problems you are having, they may be related to your computer’s hardware/software configuration. Unfortunately without having access to your computer I can’t suggest many specific things to look at. But as a stating point, I would test by deselecting the Moire control and changing you GPU usage to Use CPU only in Preferences. As a further test I would also make sure as few other programs are running simultaneously as possible.

Since from my first exposure PhotoLab 1 in 2017 I have been a firm believer that to get the full PhotoLab experience one must have the entire suite of PhotoLab, FilmPack and Viewpoint. Anything less is a compromise. As a result for me and many other here it doesn’t really matter which of the three components are updated with the newest features.



We are already at 6.11.0 since 07.11.2023.
Here is the changelog:

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Thank you. I am currently just using PL 7 so I never checked for this most recent update. If I’ve counted correctly, that means that @JoPoV 's current version is 10 updates behind.


I used to the V7 lately but I used the V6.11 without any worries with Win 10.

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This why I asks this in this forum.
I’ve read problems in more current releases than mine. This is why I would like to know which ione works well before choosing wich V6 I will instal (I have downloaded several updates and they are ready to install).

As I said, my configuration runs lot of very hardware intensive softwares (GPU/CPU) without a glitch - professionnal use with dead lines that absolutely must not be exceeded.

Didn’t know this one. I will try.

I did. Without using graphic cards, bug is solved. But it is impossible to use photolab in cpu mode (way, way to slow).
And my gpu drivers are updated.

photolab is the only one application running when I get those bugs.

I know your opinion about this. But if it is what’s needed to get photolab ok, why to make this user confusing thing unless to make think photolab is cheaper than it is really ?
But this is not my point here.

I just need to know which is the more stable v6 version so I can install it.

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Dou you often move the denoising preview zone ?
This is when I the most often get this bug.

I’ve got it in my install directory and lot of other v6 too, waiting to know which one to use.

Yes. About that.

From time to time yes but no worries.
I just repeated the test and no problems.

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So I think I will try this one, since it is the the most up to date.
And I will try a full uninstallation before it, as @platypus suggested.

At one point In PL6 Moire was a problem for me. I am not sure when it was no longer an issue.


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Since the v6.3.1 many blocking problems have been fixed, see the release notes.


I read all those notes. But never read something related to my problem since v6.3.1. (except, maybe, the universal “minor bug fixes and improvment” - but it is not a minor bug I have).
I didn’t upgrade since v6.3.1 because I saw other problems in following versions on this forum, and I didn’t want to check if those problems were worse than mine.

Since your current version seems almost unusable much of the time, what do you have to lose? You can always reinstall it.


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You may have a look here … (6.10.0) and here … (6.11.0 Build 302).

I use always the newest PL version (and newest Win11, and newest graphic-driver) and without some minor handling-problems (which are now fixed) had have no problems.

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So i think I should uninstall before reinstalling the last V6 version.