Photolab 6: Search and Projects Questions

Windows 11 user. I have three questions relating to PL6, two Search and one Project related.

Is ‘OR’ supported? For example, ‘red tag or blue tag’.

Is ‘NOT’ supported? For example, ‘red tag but not five stars’.

Can Projects be made to automatically update, or is there a manual update facility? I create a red tag project but later additions and removals are not shown.

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Actually, yes!

Each item in each section of the filter is ORed with other items in the same section. Additionly each section is ANDed wirth other sections. So for Red AND NOT Five Stars, simply select Red and don’t select Five Stars.

Let’s not mix search and filtering


@roadcone I don’t understand the question!? Projects are simply a collection of images that can be from one or many directories, i.e. when you add an image or a Virtual Copy to a project a reference is made in the database from the project to the image or copy.

When you use a project to access an image that image is actually the same as the image from its original directory or a Virtual Copy etc. .

It exists as one entry in the database but with multiple projects all pointing to it and all metadata updates made to the image will be visible when you view the image in a project.

But what do you mean by this!? Are you creating a Project called ‘Red’ into which you put all items that you have labelled as ‘Red’?

  1. The [M]aster image can receive metadata updates from external changes automatically depending on the settings of this ‘Preference’ flag

and manually via


Regardless of the setting of the ‘Preference’ option!

  1. Any Virtual Copies created cannot be seen by external software so all changes must come from within DxPL and should always be shown as updated when viewed by any project.

But you cannot create a rules for a Project that states that all images with a Label = Red is automatically added to the project, useful though that might be!?

So here are 4 images that I have labelled as “'Red” located by a search , one of those is already in a project named as ‘RED’ but DxPL does not give any such indication, I am afraid. but I can select the images and assign them to the “RED” project

and get

But no rules exist to make DxPL keep that Project up to date if images change from ‘Red’ to ‘Green’ or new images are discovered by DxPL that have the 'Label = “RED”.

Lightroom has " smart collections". They show all images that satisfy the conditions we define for a smart collection. I use one called “No keywords” in order to have all images properly keyworded eventually.

I could also filter for images without keywords, but a smart collection does that automatically. Adding “smart projects” to PhotoLab would be beneficial for DPL imo.

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All those kinds of basic features I was really hoping would be implemented in PL6.

Bryan … I think you have answered your own question. And, Yes, a project which is ‘live’. I now realise that I cannot define the criteria for a project (eg: Red Tag) and have it maintain the content in real time - nor force it manually to update. I now realise that a project is frozen in time until or unless I manually add or remove content. If I use ACDSee Photo Studio Home 21 (an old copy) then it monitors the state. I select an image in ACDSee and ‘edit in’ PL6. If the only edit I do in PL6 is to add a red tag then ACDSee is updated before I can change windows back and view it. But I didn’t want to use a separate piece of software.

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I can see how my example works with search then filters but it won’t work with keywords as they are not available under filters. For example, to exclude all images that contain a particular keyword - Red Tag but not ‘keyword’.

I want to move from another product (back) to DxO but neither it, nor any of the others, quite make it.

Oh well …

Thanks for the replies though - useful, even if I don’t like the answer!

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