Photolab 6 on a Mac, I am only seeing the final results of editing SONY raw images in the exported jpeg images

The edited images look soft and flat in Photolab 6, but then sharp and bright in the exported jpeg. What am I doing wrong???

the 12.50.52 is a screen shot of PhotoLab 6 edit window
the 12.51.09 is a screen shot of the jpeg in Photos

User the newest M2 14" MacBook Pro.

What can I do to change this.



Hi Daniel – and welcome to the user forum.

Suppose you have been looking at the big preview window.

For full rendering you have to chose min 75%,
shown here in the Windows version
while for the estimated output including noise reduction
(and some detail/sharpness by DeepPrime/XD)
you need to watch the little preview window.

For any questions, you don’t find answered in your manual, you can check here.


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Additionally, prime noise reduction is only visible in the preview window in the NR tool.

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