Photolab 6 not recongizing my lens with a teleconverter fitted

I’m currently using PL4 and I have photos taken with a Sigma 150mm macro and TC-1401 teleconverter and the module installed for it. The metadata in PL4 shows the lens setup correctly.

Now I’ve just downloaded PL6 and it doesn’t recognize this setup anymore, either on my D7100 or D7500. It has the little "no DXO module available for this image " icon and just says 210mm f4 for the lens data, which is what I would expect without the module installed so I can’t sharpen my images as it is not seeing my lens correctly like it did in PL4. It sees the lens fine without the teleconverter fitted.

I guess there’s a bug in PL6 in how it reads the metadata.

Just as a note, I installed PL6 on my laptop and I get the same behaviour - it does not recognize my lens with the teleconverter attached so it doesn’t associate it with the available module.