PhotoLab 6 Not Recognizing Images From Photo Supreme

I am attempting to open .CR2 files in PhotoLab 6 from Photo Supreme. The direct link to open the selection in PhotoLab from Photo Supreme brings up an ‘Importing Selection’ dialog in PhotoLab that stays stuck on 0% forever. When I attempt to manually navigate to the images in PhotoLab’s PhotoLibrary, all of the “Approved” images for editing that I’ve filtered down in Photo Supreme are conspicuously absent in PhotoLab. Attempting to directly import them into PhotoLab does nothing - the image flashes in the preview window for a split second before disappearing from view & defaulting back to the first images in that folder.

I would assume it is some sort of metadata/library issue causing this, but I’m not sure what exactly. I have metadata synchronization disabled in PhotoLab so that only Photo Supreme manages the metadata in the .XMP files.

Not sure if it would factor in or not, but all photos are located on a QNAP NAS on my network. However, PhotoLab can still open other photos from the very same folder just fine, so I wouldn’t think this would be the issue - unless perhaps the file(s) is being locked for editing by Photo Supreme?

Are you shooting sRAW or mRAW format files? If so, PL doesn’t read them.

PSu do not lock files so it’s not related to that.

I’m running the server version of PSu 7.4.3 and I’m not experiencing any trouble opening Nikons NEF files stored on a server in PL6 from within PSu.

Turned out to be a filter issue in PhotoLab. Cleared all filters and it’s now working as intended.

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