PhotoLab 6 does not update watermark presets from PhotoLab 5

If selecting a Watermark migrated from PL5 it does not show and any export fails.

It appears that the process of migrating Watermarks from PL5 to PL6 when installing PL6 does not work.

I had to recreate my Watermarks.

Got it to work. Deleted them as you mentioned but I had to delete them then restart the program to get them to work. Thanks for the tip!

I can’t get watermarks to work at all in PL6. I tried deleting them and creating them again but they still don’t show on the photos and when I try to do an export with it on I get “the processed image could not be retrieved”. DXO support has been useless. Any ideas how to get it to work?

I also deleted my database but that might not be an option for you if you rely on your database.

Same here. Tried deleting and recreating them, restarts. No watermarks will overlay on the photo.

UPDATE: Deleted the database. Now I have watermarks. Glad I didn’t need it. :frowning: