Photolab 6 Crashes Somona Beta

Photolab latest Version crashes on Somona Beta(Latest) when clicking on the Retouch Tool.
Hardware M2 MB Air .

I can verify the same happening on Sonoma with an M1 MacBook Air. Also, the crash is immediate without any delay. Crash reports were generated and sent to Apple and don’t know if they are passed on. I had updated Sonoma on the 8/10 and updated to DPL 6.8.1 on 8/11. Did not try DPL before I updated DPL so cannot say if it is a DPL issue or a Sonoma issue since I have had no issues with DPL and Sonoma I just updated DPL when notified.

All was working well prior to these updates and the only issue I have so far seen is the current one when clicking the Retouch button.

DxO PL 6.8.1
Sonoma 14.0
All is ok for me

Update DxO PhotoLab 6.9.0 build 55 everything is OK now.