Photolab 5

Hi all,
I’m possibly (hoping) to become a DxO user. I’ve just finished the Version 5 free trial and loved it, The problem is, version 5 is now superseded by 6 but my Mac is a bit old now and isn’t compatible! I can’t afford to buy a new Mac and pay for DxO as well.

My question is, Is there any way I can still purchase Photolab 5?

Cheers in advance.

You can ask DxO by submitting a request here:
but I’ll be beyond surprised if DxO will sell you a license for PL5.

Also, I’d hold off buying PL6 at this point in the year as you’d have to pay the full price but in only a few weeks time (in Sept / Oct) PL7 will be out and there will be a discount / launch offer when it is released.

Unfortunately, as Clifford said, his old Mac will not support newer versions of PhotoLab.

@borderguy have you looked at getting a Mac Mini plus a lower cost screen? That is what we are doing to replace an ageing iMac, which is stuck on Catalina.

You know that you can buy a used “mac” ?

But, given the longevity, it could be difficult to find one that runs a recent enough version of macOS to support PL6. e.g. a 2012 iMac will only run up to Catalina, which will only support PL5

Hi Joanna,
My current pc is a mini Mac 2012 version so it’s getting on a bit! been looking on ebay for an upgrade MM 2014 with Big Sur installed which will run PL6 I think.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve asked DxO the question and 5 isn’t available anymore. A good bit of info about 7 due out thanks for that, think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and invest in a new pc though.

Joanna, There are some refurb 2014 mini Macs on eBay I think they will run PL6 using Big Sur OS but I’ll have to look into that more deeply.