Photolab 5 Upgrade

My account software page is showing an available upgrade to PL5 Elite, but no apparent information on what I’ll get for my £65.
Any ideas on the content of the Sept '22 upgrade?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave.

Are you asking about the difference between the Essential and Elite editions? If so, the information is not straightforward to find, but you can read it here.

As for the next release, that’s a wait and see. When it does arrive you can always download the trial and see whether any new features have value to you. These forums are awash with civil disagreements on which features hold value. :grin:

Welcome to the Forum – and if you are not in a hurry or such, check some time later and for the complete “suite”.

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Yes, see here:
DxO_PhotoLab_v550_ReleaseNotes(Cumulative).pdf (363.8 KB)

If you’re thinking of upgrading from an earlier version of PL (or from the Essential to Elite version) - then I suggest you wait for PLv6 to be released … which, from the pattern of history, will be sometime in October.

John M

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Turns out I’ve been a bit of a numpty.
I’ve had PL5 Elite since it’s release.
When I looked at my account it said Essentials upgrade to Elite £68.
It seems when I got the latest Nik 5 update I also got and extra PL5 Essentials licence…
My Elite licence was off the bottom of the screen…

And yes I’ll be looking at the enhancements in the anticipated PL6

Stupid old man moment.
All cleared up by DxO tech support.


You’re not stupid. :wink: There are ways that DxO might improve its web services and product info. They need to understand the difficulties real customers experience.