PhotoLab 5 on macOS

I just downloaded and installed PhotoLab 5 on my Mac Mini running macOS Big Sur version 11.6. Everything went fine - effortless. It’s now installed and running, and I hope to be using it from now on.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 13.10.08

I didn’t see an option to buy it, so I downloaded the trial version. I have no idea what it’s going to cost - am curious about that. I’ll buy it as soon as it becomes available.

I am thrilled to see that it will work with my Fuji X100f with X-Trans Sensor - thank you very much to all who were involved in this.

If I get stuck with anything, I’ll post my questions here. I’m curious if my Workspaces from PL4 will be useable in PL5, or will I need to re-create them?

Again, thank you to all who were involved in this!!!

Go to the DxO main page and click on the account login (circled)…

Then hit the upgrade button…

If you have FilmPack, then use this panel to upgrade both PL and FP as a bundle…

They will import just fine.

There is also a promo code that pops up.
If I was to purchase the PL and FP upgrade with the promo code,
I pay $112.61 US.

I think DxO have created a specific page for feedback and experiences for users x-trans sensors

I am sure someone can post you a link

Hi there,

Just point to Help / DxO Hub.
There is a button in the window’s header which will send you directly to the feedback page.


Thanks, I didn’t see all this earlier, probably because I didn’t log in. I logged in as per Joanna’s advice, bought PL5 Elite, started PL5 and activated it. All set.
Thanks! Oh, and thanks for suggesting I look for the link to the special offer.

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