PhotoLab 5 new problem after getting Nik 6

I have been using PhotoLab 5 quite happily, and using the “Export to Application” button to send the PL processed image to Photoshop Elements 19 without any problems. Yesterday, I bought Nik 6. I’m very impressed with the results I’ve got from the new HDR Efex, but on trying to export the resulting TIFFs to PSE, the latter program has crashed on each and every occasion when I’ve tried to do this. The TIFF can be opened by PSE, but only by navigating to the image in its folder. It seems that adding Nik 6 has broken the “Export to Aplication” function in PL5.

Are you using DPL on Windows or macOS?
Please state version numbers too.

After checking the release notes from …

  1. Nik 3.3 (Win)

  2. Nik 4.3.6

  3. Nik 5.7

  4. Nik 6.4

it might be possible, that DxO in Nik 6 simply forgot to mention
“(apart from Nik HDR Efex, which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements)”
while that should have nothing to do with “Export to application”.

Does “Export to application” work, when you have used another Nik tool?

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Thanks, and sorry for the delay in replying. I’m using Windows 10. However, please see my reply to Wolfgang’s post.


Thanks Wolfgang, and apologies for being unable to reply sooner. I don’t think it really matters any more that I can’t effortllessly export to PSE, because I’ve now decided to upgrade to the latest version of Affinity Photo and force myself to get to grips with it. I know that PL5 is still exporting to the older version of Affinity.


Hi Dave,
I just chose a raw file in PL 5.15.0 Build 4902 and exported to Affinity Photo 2.2.0

= no problem

Just make sure to install the *.exe file for compatibility reasons,
but NOT the *.msix format – to avoid some workarounds! *)

have fun, Wolfgang

see here … and for more here …

Thanks Wolfgang,

I’m looking forward to it!


Hi Wolfgang,

I didn’t really understand the significance of this when I replied yesterday. Having now bought and installed Affinity Photo 2, I now begin to understand what you mean. I have found a lot on the AP user forum about the .exe issue. Unfortunately, though I’m reasonably good at photo processing, I’m not very knowledgeable where computers more generally are concerned.

Would you be able to help me with the following issues, either by explaining them yourself, or by pointing me to explanations already posted elsewhere?

  1. How exactly do I get PhotoLab 5 to export to Affinity Photo 2 via the “Export to Application” button? At the moment, that button is launching Affinity Photo version 1 (which then tells me that version 2 can now be downloaded!). Is there is very simple explanation for the process of getting AP2 to launch from PL5? (I don’t hunderstand the stuff about .bat files on the AP forum.)

  2. How do I get AP2 to use the Nik 6 filters? They aren’t showing up in the filters list in AP2.

Apologies if these are questions I should really be asking on the AP forum rather than here on the DxO forum.



Hi Dave,

( A )

  1. all you have to do is NOT to download / install the *.MSIX “version” (!)
    but the more common *.exe file

    to avoid
    . that AP2 is installed in a ‘protected’ folder (= cannot be ‘targeted’ by PL’s export)

    . to deal with the workaround like *.bat file etc., you now read about …

  2. after installation you should find AP2 → photo.exe in
    which you select in “PL Export to application” → Browse
    and then is listed …

There is NO NEED to study & understand the workaround stuff.

( B )

For the PlugIns …

in AP2 go to Preferences → Properties (?) → … Photoshop Plugins

greetings, Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

Many thanks. I now have everything working beautifully with your guidance. And after a mammoth session on my laptop (including finding how to uninstall the MSIX version I’d managed to download), I need a stiff drink. Have one on me too.

Dave :blush:

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