PhotoLab 5 loading files Bug?

Files that open in PL4 don’t in PL5. I get this message in PL5, “Loading error Cannot get BxU value for XY position.”
It’s the same MacBook Pro M1 Max. PL4 works, PL5 doesn’t. Any solutions, anyone, please?

It might be a bit easier to help if you were to state which file types. Or is it all types?

Best to open a support ticket and use to provide a couple of sample files and any associated sidecar files if they exist (.dop files, .xmp files…). Then DxO can try to reproduce the problem so that they can see what’s going wrong. It might also be helpful to provide PhotoLab 5’s log files.

It’s Canon .CR3 raw files. I only edit raws. Here’s a partial screenshot of how it appears.

Thanks. I’ll do that. I seem to have had more problems in my library since upgrading to PL5 but these are new photos, taken yesterday.

UPDATE: I discovered that PL5 was trying to apply a similar but incorrect lens profile (STM). When I turned off lens correction, the error disappeared. If only the error messages were a bit more intelligible to non-coders! Thanks, @Joanna & @Egregius.