Photolab 5 Croma / Lumi bar missing

On my PC the croma / Lumi bar adjustment panels are missing… Please help!

They are in the local adjustems palette.


But am referring to the bar that is seen as marked on many of the videos that promote / review PL5

That only appears in the Mac Version of the software. As you can see in your example it is present in the local adjustments pallet. Check the version that the person doing the video is using you will probably find that the person is using a Mac.


Checking one of the webinars by PhotoJoseph (working on Mac) you’ll see, that the Mask Selectivity tools (with Chrominance, Luminance and Opacity sliders) are only available within the Local Adjustment pallet.

The ‘missing’ settings below the pic (Mac version) are specified to the applied Local Adjustment tool (positive / negative control points / lines // show mask // new mask etc).
– With the PC version you simply right click on the pic …
Screen Shot 11-29-21 at 11.40 AM Screen Shot 11-29-21 at 11.40 AM 001