PhotoLab 5 and Film Pack 6

At what stage should I use a Film Pack preset? I ask as I seem to recall reading somewhere that the FP preset resets any adjustments already made to the image.


Film Pack presets change things in a selection of the available tools. This means that these “things” overwrite whatever they encounter.

Example: Settings changed by the “Cappucino” Film Pack preset

Best Practice

  • Presets should always be applied in an early stage of customising an image
  • FP presets don’t interfere with optical corrections and denoising (as far as I tested)
  • FP presets can interfere with color rendering and therefore with custom .icc and .dcp profiles

You can undo the application of a preset if it doesn’t look right. Another strategy might be to create a virtual copy of your image and then try presets (what I usually do).

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All the FilmPack 6 presets that @mwsilvers and I created are partial presets and, as @platypus notes will only affect the settings involved. However, if you have used that setting before, expect it to get overwritten.

As @Egregius says, it is far better to create a virtual copy before experimenting with anything, preset or not.


Thank you.