Photolab 5.2 build 4732 crashing

Photolab is randomly crashing, I think since this update was installed. I was running Windows 10, but upgraded to Windows 11 yesterday and the problem still occurs. I cannot determine any common point at which it locks up and starts to consume processor. I sometimes get to edit a couple of images, and other times I have hardly started when it locks up. I The only way out is to kill the process.

I assume you already tried rebooting your computer. Did you also try reinstalling PhotoLab? That sometimes resolves corruption issues that could cause it to crash.


The PC is shut down nightly, and this has been going on for a few weeks. I’ll try a fresh install, but am pessimistic about success. I’d been waiting to see if anyone else reported this, as has happened occasionally in the past, but it seems it’s only me.

Fresh installation didn’t help, it crashed after I tried a few presets on an image.

The Photolab log for that session shows a host of errors.

Have you created a support ticket?


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Good morning @NeilT ,

Yes, Mark is correct. Please, create a support ticket and attach your logs there (you can find your logs here - Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 logs).

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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