Photolab 5.1.0 build 4690 endless logging while idle and random crashes with OpenCL AMD GPU

Yesterday I updated from DxO Photolab 5.0 to 5.1.0 build 4690, 2 new appearant problems:

1.) Photolab logs endlessly while idling to a directory in my user Documents folder causing OneDrive to sync all the time, very annoying for both my SSD and powersaving. I havent found any setting to disable this logging. The logging should at least be customizeable so it logs to a folder outside of Onedrive sync folders.

2.) Photolab now causes my AMD GPU 21.12.1 driver to crash forcing me to do a hard reset of my whole computer when activating the “Enable OpenCL” under performance settings. This can happen during exports of Fujifilm RAF to DNG or during some Edits like “Horizon” adjustments.

Good morning @bunkermagnus !

For your issue #1 we didn’t change anything between 5.0.x and 5.1. We are always logging the same data to the log files. Btw, you can exclude the folder Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 logs from OneDrive sync and please, send us a log file for investigation too.

About issue #2 let me ask @Lucas to investigate it.

Svetlana G.

Thank you, I have already place a support ticket for this issue and included a logfile.


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Also, regarding the logging, how can I exclude this particular folder from OneDrive sync as it is situated Within “My Documents” folder which is included by design?

If I exclude “My Documents” none of my important documents gets synced to Onedrive.

Hello @bunkermagnus,
A few questions for you:

  • Could you describe what you mean with a driver crash? Do you lose hardware acceleration, or a BSOD, or something else?
  • Do you never get any issue when disabling OpenCL, even if you use DeepPRIME for instance?
  • What is your GPU model?


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