PhotoLab high memory consumption

So, now we are back at unexpected high memory consumption that we have had in earlier version, but not in 5.0.2.
I opened a NEF-file for reprocessing it by adding two control points. There were 8 NEF-files in the actual directory.
The RAM memory (used by PhotoLab) increased to 10 GB after a couple of minutes.
This behavior has been corrected earlier but has now come back.
IMac 5K 2017, 4.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Big Sur 11.6.1.

I don’t see such increases with a few changes of an image, but I see that using a tool increases RAM consumption. Closing a tool can reduce RAM usage, but does not necessarily do it, at least I cannot see any obvious systematic behaviour…

Simple Example, raising RAM usage by a few 100 MBs

I made a test as the following:

  1. I started PhotoLab which consumed 4 GB of RAM after start.
  2. I created a virtual copy of one NEF-file out of 8 in the same directory.
  3. I added 3 control points in the virtual copy, there were 9 control points before that. PhotoLab now consumed 5.88 GB of RAM.
  4. I scrolled sideways through all thumbnails (9 of them, the virtual copy included) at the bottom from left to right. PhotoLab now consumed 10.68 GB of RAM.
  5. I scrolled in the same way but now from right to left. PhotoLab now consumed 12.36 GB of RAM.

I will create a support ticket.

Now I have created a support ticket.

I made another test as:

  1. I started PhotoLab which consumed 4 GB of RAM after start.
  2. I scrolled sideways through all 8 thumbnails at the bottom from left to right. I waited for the message “correction preview” in the upper right corner to disappear before I moved to next thumbnail. PhotoLab now consumed 10.8 GB of RAM.

This was done as before, in the Customize view.

I was wrong about PhotoLab 5.0.2.

It is the same problem for that version of PhotoLab, I made the same scrolling test for 5.0.2.

Retested, again no such increase.

PL5.1 on macOS Big Sur 11.6.1, 40GB RAM, 2TB SSD in a iMac 2019

Thank you platypus for your testing.
Maybe I am the only one with this problem.

If I change directory in PhotoLibrary view, the memory consumption decreases substantially.
That will be the cure for this strange behavior.