Photolab 4 - PC crashes on browsing

I’ve just got a new PC. Everything seems to work perfectly apart from PL4. As you know, on browsing a folder, it applies a preset to each photo in the folder.

On approximately one in ten folders, the PC freezes; thinks about it for 10 seconds or so and then reboots.

If anyone has a fix for this, I would be pleased to hear from you. I can provide as much extra information as anyone requests.

Thank you

Malcolm Clark

Good morning @MalcolmC ,

You should create a ticket via on that as I’m pretty sure you’ll be requested additional info which is better to be private and Forum is not the right place for it.

Svetlana G.

Thank you Svetlana. I have now created a support ticket.

But I would still be grateful if any forum user has an answer to my problem. Please let me know if you don’t think that is a legitimate use of the forum.

  • No problem, maybe someone had the same problem and can give you some ideas here.

Svetlana G.

What are the specs of your new PC and how many files are in the folders which are not working?

Hi Mark
It’s an Intel 11700k
Gigabyte Aorus Z590 motherboard
Asus 1650 GTX graphics
1 tb Samsung 980 Pro nvme drive

My photos are in folders which contain all the photos that I took on a particular day. RAWS only - cr2 or cr3; say an average of 20 per folder; unlikely to be more than 100 in any one folder. The folders also contain dop files from previous edits on my old computer.

I hope that helps

Best wishes

Hi Malcolm. That sounds like a great set-up. There’s no way that PL4 should choke on folders of that size on a high-specced PC like that. I have no solution for you, better to rely on the experts at DXO support. I’m sure that they will get it sorted for you. :smiley:

Hi Mark - it is a great set up (providing it doesn’t crash!). As it happens, a new BIOS was available yesterday and I updated to that - since then, I was able to browse my complete PL library and it didn’t crash once.

So that may have fixed it. But, it is virtually impossible to prove a negative.

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This makes me wonder what else the computer is doing when you run PL4. When I used to run Windows, I had a utility that told me how “busy” my computer was, memory, disk, network, etc. If you’re really overloading your PC, that should help you understand what the computer was doing.

I’ve got a Mac, not PC, but I’ve never tried to open a new folder with 100 images in it.

Anyway, I believe you can set your Presets to do Nothing. If I’m right, and you do that, I think your computer might no longer “crash”. Worth checking.

Last, does your computer crash on 100 “new” photos, or only on photos that have “dot” files?