PhotoLab 4 Hanging

Has anyone else experienced the problem below. I’ve created a support ticket (and uploaded the log files, screenshot, RAW image file and .DOP) but I just wondered if anyone else had run across this.

I’ve been processing a number of images with PhotoLab 4 that I’d previously processed with PhotoLab 3. To do this I’ve copied the RAW files and associated .DOP files to a new directory and PhotoLab 4 is the only version that has ever been “pointed” at this directory.

While making corrections to an image PhotoLab 4 has frozen and become unresponsive a number of times. Even after waiting several minutes the application doesn’t respond. I haven’t kept a detailed log but my impression is that this occurs when I select one of the Perspective corrections - horizon, force parallel, rectangle or 8 points. Note that I have used these corrections successfully on other images in the same directory.

It is possible to close PhotoLab 4 using the “X” command in the top right corner. When I then launch PhotoLab 4 again I can usually successfully apply the perspective corrections to the image that caused the problem. I can then typically apply corrections to a number of images before the problem reoccurs.

I’ve also used PhotoLab 4 quite extensively with more recent images, that I’ve never processed with PhotoLab 3, and not had any problems. It makes me wonder if there’s something about the PhotoLab 3 .DOP file that is causing this.

Hi Paul - - Another instance of this issue was reported here.

Good that you have raised a support ticket, as there does seem to be a problem.

John M


Well spotted and thanks for the link (and I’ve put a link to that thread in my support ticket).

The initial response from support yesterday was to try downloading and reinstalling PL4 again (the software equivalent of switching it off and on again :smile:). I’ve done this but also pointed out that I think it unlikely to fix the issue as, just like the other person, it only occurs with “old” images (i.e. where PL4 is reading a PL3 DOP).

Prior to my reinstall I’ve deleted everything PL4 and deleted the PL3 database so the only source of the PL3 applied corrections going forward is the DOP file. I’ve a lot more images I want to “reprocess” (Deep Prime, my improved understanding of using PL etc…) so there will be plenty of opportunity to see if it reoccurs.


To no surprise on my part the problem has reoccurred following the reinstall of PhotoLab 4. I’ve updated the support ticket and am now awaiting a response.

Further exploration has show some curious behaviour. The problem has just reoccurred yet again. Triggered by some comments from yet another user who is reporting something similar (see here - I checked to see what, if anything, was responding in PhotoLab 4 when it was “hanging”. In this instance I’d selected the Force Parallel Perspective tool.

  • When it first hangs the image display section of the screen is blank.
    -However, I could select the Force Parallel line colour using the Line Colour box at the bottom left of the display.
  • I then selected the White Balance eye dropper and the image reappeared in the display. What’s more, I could alter the white balance by selecting part of the image. I could also apply a Repair correction and a Local Adjustment control point.
  • However, when I then tried selecting the Force Parallel control PhotoLab did not respond. I could still select and apply non-Perspective corrections such as White Balance and Repair (PhotoLab remained unresponsive when attempting to apply different Perspective corrections).
  • After a few selections of various correction tools PhotoLab 4 finally crashed.

Logs and Crash report have been added to the support ticket.

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This is what happened to me today
Open PL4
Select a CR2 image
Click ‘Customize’
Click ‘Geometry’ button
Clicked ''8 points"
Freeze with a spinning cursor
Killed PL4
Repeated twice more but I could not reproduce
I’ve attached the (58.9 KB)