PhotoLab 4 CR3 / HEIC Issue

I just downloaded and installed PhotoLab 4 today. V4.3.1 Build 4595. The SW looks to be very capable and I’m looking forward to using it. I am having some trouble with .CR3 files loading and seeing HEIF files.

I pointed the application to a subdirectory that contains .JPG, .CR3 and .HIF (HEIC/HEIF) files. The JPG images show up as thumbnails. The .CR3 raw files (From Canon R5 camera) are listed but show “Loading error” but no thumbnails. The .HEF images are not listed in the PL image browser at all. If I click on each box where the thumbnail should be, it only then shows up as a thumbnail and shows up as the preview above. If I browse away from the folder and back to the folder, the thumbnails that were clicked on are still there. I have downloaded the associated optics modules for the lenses used.

Is this normal behavior? Clicking on each one is a bit of a pain. I have to click, wait for the thumbnail to show up (3-4 seconds) then click the next one. That’s about 5 minutes of clicking on the small folder I have open. If I don’t wait for each thumbnail to appear, the thumbnail won’t show up if I click away from the file.

Why are the HEIF files ignored? Not supported?


You are exactly right.

I expected that .CR3 was “early days” for this software based on what I read on this forum but no support of HEIF is a surprise to me. I didn’t even consider that HEIF/HEIC would be an issue.

This is strange. I have been successfully processing cr3 files from my Canon g5x mk3 for some time now with PL4 Elite 4.3.1. Today get the same error. A row of greyed out thumbs with exclamation marks. What has happenned?

Any comment from DXO? The time to click on each CR3 file / wait is significant.
peterjhb - Were you able to click on each one to load each one like I was able to?

No. But the problem applied only to one batch of photos. Those taken today are fine. Some gremlin in the camera I suppose.