Photolab 4 and Mac Finder

Photolab version 4 brings some interesting new features but the library part would benefit from receiving some functionality.
It would be interesting and quick to be able to manage the directories of the “image” folder directly from Photolab without having to juggle between the software and the Finder. For example the deletion of photos in Photolab is possible, but not that of the folder which contained them. Conversely, the deletion of images, or a folder containing them, in the Finder is not reflected in the Photolab database and these images deleted outside the software are always listed in the database, and appear as black frame with a question mark that cannot be removed.
Why not integrate the Finder with Photolab?
Why is it not possible to update the database when thumbnails indicate missing photos other than by correcting the path and not simply deleting them?
This would make it possible to move, rename, delete files directly and without risk of errors in the database.
Why is it not possible to work on photos present on an external drive (USB key) and then eject them without leaving permanent traces in the database? I often work within my photoclub on the photos of members (not equipped with Photolab) and this would allow, without needing to copy their photos to my computer, to make processing demonstrations with photolab…as it is with Photoshop or Lightroom.
Here is a rather long list of suggestions of which I am aware that they are perhaps not simple, but which would bring an interesting flexibility and would make of the “phototheque” module a real tool of classification and sorting, especially since the The recent addition of the “batch rename” function has further increased the interest.
Thank you for your attention !

Plenty of good suggestions here.

I would hope that further work on the PL library will come in the next version at latest. There are several heavily discussed aspects in these forums that show the weaknesses, and this is the weakest part of the product.

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