Photolab 4 - add these 2 features with which I can recommend it whole-heartedly

So I have been using Photolab for a while and it is great. Prime Denoise is unlike anything, full props to that! And because I love and value it, I feel responsible of sharing my critique to make it better.
Sure, there are literally thousands of things to add but the following ones shouldn’t be optional, they are necessary:

  • Custom Key Shortcuts, as well as editing existing ones. (Crop is missing for many, but any tool should be reachable via short cut)
  • Image previews. It is impossible to go back/forward between two images without them having to be reloaded. Please, PLease add proxy files that are (optionally) rendered during import including added presets, because the preview panel is useless. I want to compare photos fast without interruption. Just include them in the .dop files, pleaaase…
    (I have a very fast computer, that’s not the point…)

There is probably mroe to come, I’d be happy with those two additions. Thank you, I love the forums :slight_smile:

Good morning @Attenbach,

Thank you for the appreciation. As for the suggestions, please do not forget to vote for them by yourself as well (top left corner).

As for custom shortcuts, there is already a similar request, so we leave your second one for voting.

P.S. Next time when you create a request, please create 1 post per one request.

Svetlana G.

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With respect to the shortcut keys, making the shortcuts configurable cant be very difficult and would make using PhotoLab so much easier. My major gripe is that a lot of the existing short cuts involve pressing combinations of keys that are not easy for me to press, either requiring two hands or dexterous hand/fingers. I have literally strained my wrists in some long editing sessions because of this.

With respect to caching Image Previews, PhotoLab is currently severely handicapped. One of the ways I compare similar photographs is to flick between them, but if the image switch is not fast enough then this approach is not feasible. Basically this means that I can’t use PhotoLab to compare images like this, as even on a powerful computer is still take several seconds to render the image. To say the least, this is a major inconvenience, and was actually one of the reasons I stuck with Lightroom for so long as Lightroom as no issues in this area.

I understand that it takes while to render the image with all of the edits first time, but surely the “last few images rendered” could be cached, and if still current (not edited since last viewed) brought up immediately when switched to? Again caching a few images like this cant be that difficult and would make a huge difference to the usability of PhotoLab when working with a small groups of images. Of course caching on a larger scale could potentially be even better, but “last few files” approach would help a lot.


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And people are also on different keyboard layouts. With all that, custom shortcuts could facilitate (if not solve) these real world problems.

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