PhotoLab 4.3.3 build 12 missing presets DxO ONE Scene Modes

After update to last version PhotoLab 4.3.3 build 12 i lost all presets DxO ONE Scene Modes . Reinstalling the program did not help, I do not see presets : auto, sport, landscape, night sport which I use and need. This is some new functionality - taking some options away from the user ? :frowning: .

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I’m seeing all these files/presets on my system - - Can you please elaborate a little on your problem.

John M

I have the same problem. The folder with presets #8 disappeared.SharedScreenshot 3

Maybe PL5 has not retrieved your PL4 presets, check that they are always in the … AppData / Local / DXO / DXO / Photalab 4 / Presets / *** and copy in the PL5 directory.
This is valid for Windows, I do not know for Mac

Edit: sorry I did not see that it was PL4

Hi there,

All DxO ONE presets have been deprecated in the latest version of PhotoLab (this is true for PL4 as well as the new PL5). If you do not have a backup or if you’d like still using them, please visit this page: DxO ONE presets: download them here if you still need them