PhotoLab 3

Any official news regarding PhotoLab 3?
Will we see a release in Oct or Nov?

Asking, as I am currently considering to buy PL, however obviously don’t wish to buy a version that’s already “old” in a couple of weeks later.
Sincerely hoping for at least a heads-up, rather than an unexpected release.

Apart from that, I am also looking into C1.

Now I would wait for Black Friday discounts


Just wait a little longer :wink:
Be caraful ! Black friday each year is not sure.



There was some rumor about October 23 but it does’t matter that much really. You can be sure new version is coming out in October/November based on historic data for new releases.

Adobe will probably announce updates to Lightroom at Max 2019 (early November) and Capture One traditionally comes out with new version right after Black Friday. I like this narrow release window since I will only spend my yearly +/- 120 EURO software once.

For PhotoLab I hope for a tremendous stap in usability/workflow/speed (also think that the Mac version looks and performs worse versus the Windows version), for Capture One they should increase the DAM aspects since the current DAM of that application is just horrendous.

I might even invest my budget this year in acquiring Photo Supreme or IMatch, but I must say Lightroom Classic is a pretty nice DAM as well and you can use it for free in DAM mode without major downsides without purchase/subscription.


Hopefully PL3 will have something of substance to it. The “upgrade” that was PL2 seemed like it should have been a point release with as little as was changed with it, other than adding an annoying Nik Collection button constantly whispering to get something I don’t need.


Dieser altertümliche Nik Collection-Button, der wäre vielleicht vor Zwanzig Jahren interessant gewesen, aber wer benötigt denn heute noch so etwas, die Entwicklungszeit die DXO damit verbracht hat, war weg geworfene Zeit für ewig gestrige Fotografen! Genau so wie der DxO FilmPack Nostalgie ist!
Wir schreiben 2019 und nicht mehr 1980, was soll die Nostalgie
Geschwindigkeit, aber auch das anzeigen welches Bild schon bearbeitet ist aber noch nicht entwickelt wurde, wären alles Dinge die wichtig wären! Hätte ich das alles geahnt wäre ich niemals Kunde geworden!
Google Übersetzer:
This old-fashioned Nik Collection button, which might have been interesting twenty years ago, but which photographer still needs something like that, the development time the DXO spent with it, was thrown away time for eternally yesterday’s photographers! Just like the DxO FilmPack Nostalgia is.
We write 2019 and not in 1980, so no nostsleigh
Speed, but also the display which image has been edited but not yet developed, would be all things that would be important! If I had known all this, I would never have become a customer!

Friedhelm, so why are you still a customer? You are only complaining?

I have to disagree. While I only occasionally use the Nik collection, it still can be very useful. I use DXO FilmPack quite often and it is a very important and relevant part of PhotoLab.

Ich muss dem widersprechen. Obwohl ich die Nik-Kollektion nur gelegentlich benutze, kann sie dennoch sehr nützlich sein. Ich benutze DXO FilmPack ziemlich oft und es ist ein sehr wichtiger und relevanter Teil von PhotoLab.


Filmpack is fantastic. Nothing nostalgic about using old film emulations. They are not at all different from modern LUT tables / presets really (with some added nostalgia by connecting to older times). Some of those color combination where the best and back then there was also a tremendous amount of research into creating new films. Also back in the day you had to prepare/visualize your picture more which I believe resulted in better pictures overall. If you do that as well with digital, you get the best of both worlds.

Nowadays you have something like Adobe Color space which makes every single picture you take the look the same with a complete disregard for the context: it uses the same processing regardless if the ISO was 100 or 128k, the white balance used, and the noise level desired. I believe all of these things (including vignettes, frames, light leaks etc.) make photography a creative endavour instead of a scientific one. If you take joy in taking scientific pictures, good for you, each to their own, but I like to mix things up.


Die fast 200 Euro waren und sind viel Geld für mich, dafür erwarte ich, dass die Software keine Werbung für Nostalgie Werkzeuge macht!
Wer meint Nostalgie wäre was für Fotografen, der soll das für sich machen dürfen, aber nicht den die Mehrheit der Fotografen damit belästigen!
Google Übersetzer:
The almost 200 euros were and are a lot of money for me, but I expect that the software does not promote nostalgia tools!
Who says nostalgia would be something for photographers, who should be allowed to do that for themselves, but not to annoy the majority of photographers!

Get over it. I think the button should be in the export menu, but it is the last thing I would worry about. Tip: life is a much better and happier place when you stop worrying about petty things.


Based on what data do you you know that - you have a link you can provide?

I personally like Fimpack and NIk collection a lot and regularly use it but I am fully aware that other people don’t use it. Both is fine

As mentioned above there are many raw converters out there. If DPL is not for you, you have plenty of options and it is just a click away to move on.


200 Euro kann ich nicht wegwerfen!
Wenn Sie Nostalgie wünschen, Konventionell fotografieren im Chemielabor selbst entwickeln und nicht irgend ein ausgedachten Algorithmus der sowieso nie passt anwenden!
Google Übersetzer
I can not throw away 200 euros!
If you want nostalgia, self-photograph conventionally in the chemistry lab and do not use any thought-out algorithm that never fits in anyway!

Have you bought it without the trial period - that is a mistake?

Das war lange vor dem Nik Button bzw auch einige Zeit vor dem Kauf der Nik Filter von Google hätte ich das geahnt, wäre DXO nicht gekauft worden!

That was long before the Nik Button or even some time before the purchase of the Nik filter from Google, I would have guessed, DXO would not have been bought!

So what is the problem - just do not use the filters

Der Nik Button stört, da lasse ich mir auch von den Nutzern die das gut finden meine Meinung nicht verbieten!
Bei anderen Programmen wir auch immer wieder mal eine Vorschau auf das was kommen soll gezeigt oder Kommuniziert, aber bei DXO scheint das ein großes Geheimnis zu sein!

The Nik Button bothers me, because I let myself synonymous of the users who find the good of my opinion not prohibit!
In other programs, we also get a preview of what’s coming or communicating, but with DXO that seems like a big secret!


(I’m an overall satisfied and often excited DXO customer since >10 years now. For me DXO is the best in class RAW converter with easiest and fastest workflow and clever and focused functionality for beautiful results… but I do not get any money for this here…sadly…)
I do not understand the rant from your side. We all have different needs, there are lots of functions I do not use in DXO as there is lots of functionality in my camera or my car which I do not like and do not use. Of course I respect your opinion. But I and others really like Filmpack, it gives the look I like with just a click, that’s why I ordered it but actually there is no obligation to use it. And even I do not use NIK, I have my DXO workflow which gives me the results I like. Just try to ignore the NIK button like I do :wink:

But what I support and already claimed for is the indication as it was earlier (I guess ended with .NET introduction) that you can select pics for development which haven’t been developed yet.


I would rather wish that DxO would be more responsive to new cameras and lenses on the market and providing regularly new modules. We do shoot from many devices, which may not be deemed popular by DxO but user requirements are still there.


Their core algorithms + better workflow/interfacing with external tools + quick turnaround of new cameras/lenses would be the smartest strategy going forward.