PhotoLab 3 sidechain compatible to PhotoLab 2?

because of the Win7 - Win10 issue and because at the moment it is not possible to update all my computers to win10, is it possible to load PhotoLab 3 files to PhotoLab 2?

Another question: I have read, that PhotoLab 3 for win is not featuring the complete set of items that is advertised? True?

Thank you, horst

Hello @SiePic,

Nope, backward compatibility is not possible. You can read PL2 files in PL3 but not vice versa.

  • The only item that is missing is editing Keyword editing which is postponed for PL3.1 in Win.

Svetlana G.

I’m running on Windows 10 and other than the Keyword editing feature, which will be delayed until version 3.1,as Svetlana pointed out, every thing else seems to be there. What specific features are supposedly missing and where did you read this?


I think, that is exactly that what I have read aobut but did not found at the DxO website.