PhotoLab 3 Mac

It seems PL3 not able to display (and to process) CR3 raw coming from EOS R and RP despite lens updating and downloading for EOS R.

The EOS RP is supported on DPL 2.3 according to this page:,%20EOS%20RP
This does not necessarily mean that DPL 3 also supports it because it is a beta that has branched off before DPL 2.3.
Moreover, you need to download the modules for your lens on EOS RP cameras. DPL does not work with SIMILAR modules, only with EXACTLY the right camera/lens modules.

Thank so much. I didn’t know 2.3 would exist, I’ve only 2.2.
For information, with Beta V3, modules are downloaded exploring the folder but nothing to display.

how did you get the PL3, i am still using the PL 2 with latest updates available in the public domain, would love to try the beta version of PL 3 if available