PhotoLab 3 crash my system

Hello colleagues and DXO team!
For 2-3 weeks I have the following problem:

The problem: The system crashes when working in Photo Lab 3. The crash is the spontaneous shutdown of the system and restarting after about 5 seconds. This is something like a real restart, which is only observed when some system settings are changed. It has no blue screen and has never appeared. There is no further information in the system log. The only record shows event 41 (Kernel Power).

How often it happens: It happens randomly. It may not happen for a few days, it may happen every day.

At what moment is happening: It happens at the moment of transition from one edited image to another.

My System: Windows 10 Pro, 1909 OS Build 18363.476. Intel i9-9920X, 32 GB

The versions of the PhotoLab where I observed the problem: Photo Lab 3.0.2 and Photo Lab 3.0.3

I prefer to write in the forum before contacting the support team, because in my previous problem the forum was much more effective. I hope we can find a good solution this time too.

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Hello @kokofresha,

Could you, please, provide us with the latest logs from PL 3.0.3 ?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Hello @sgospodarenko,

it looks like DxO.Photolab.txt was last modified. Is this the correct log file?

How would it be most convenient to send a log file?

Thank you,
Koko :slight_smile:

  • Yep.
  • You can attach it directly here or upload on under your name and let me know when ready.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hello @kokofresha,

As I understood your computer is restarted physically and your Windows doesn’t have time to display a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). It means that it faces some system fatal error that can be related to some hardware failure. No any DxO PhotoLab version can cause such a kind of failure but it can trigger some conditions that lead to it, e.g. overheating of CPU or GPU under high load due to weak cooling.

I see that your CPU is very powerful and can produce much heat (I have Intel Core i9-9900K at home that is also too hot). Did you try to track system temperatures of CPU, GPU, motherboards, and others? Are you sure that your CPU doesn’t go to throttling due to overheating? Did you change any settings in BIOS related to CPU overheating protection?

DxO.PhotoLab.txt (168.4 КБ)

I thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Alex,

Initially, I thought the same thing. But this happens when the processor is not heavily loaded. Its temperature at these moments is about 60 degrees and is very far from 110, where the temperature protection should be activated. Also, fan speeds in the pre-crash moments are below or around average. System crashes do not occur during export when the processor is overloaded and temperatures reach 85-88 degrees. There is no problem with the AIDA stress test.
In BIOS I have not changed the parameters related to CPU protection. Overclocking is minimal.


Got it, thank you.

We need to collect more details. Is DxO PhotoLab 3 the only software where you experience such an issue? Did you use DxO PhotoLab 2 on this system? What GPU do you have? What images do you usually correct & process in DPL 3 (resolution, format, average file size)?


The photolab is currently the only software that causes this behavior. I mean, in those moments the PhotoLab works in the foreground (at the moment when I am actively working with PhotoLab). As a background process, I usually listen to YouTube music with Firefox.

I’ve been working with PhotoLab 2 for about a month on this system. This is a system that I have specially assembled for convenient operation of Photo Lab and it is several months old. I don’t think there was a problem with the first version of Photo Lab 3 either. I have not yet uninstalled the PhotoLab 2, if that may be relevant.

The video card is NVIDIA Quadro P620.

I use two cameras in my work - Nikon D800 and Nikon D610. Today the problem arose when working on images from Nikon D800. In the previous cases, I cannot be sure which camera the files were. The form is RAW, lossless compression. The resolution is 36 MP. Аverage size about 40-50 MB.

Today, there were 366 images in the folder being processed. The crash happened when I wanted to go to the previous image in the folder. I don’t remember if I tried to do it with the mouse or with the left arrow on the keyboard.
Somewhere around the beginning of these events came an update of Windows - 1909. If that may be helpful.

I’ll try to flash the BIOS again and reinstall PhotoLab 3. :slight_smile:

Your computer might have a faulty or insufficient power supply or improper clocking. I’ve seen that cause the shutdowns you’re experiencing. You could try running a program such as Speedfan to check voltages. If you have a voltmeter, open the PC and test any unused drive power plugs to see if the 5 and 12 volt rails are too low. And if you have an AC tester or UPS, check the voltage coming into the computer from the wall.

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Initially, I suspected power problems, even thinking of investing in UPS. But I see no problem here. The power supply unit is 2 times more powerful than necessary (1200 W EVGA P2).