PhotoLab 3.3.2. build 59

Today, my DPL 3.2.2 build 58 updated to build 59.

I simply clicked to update without reading what it offers. :crazy_face:


Captain PO mentioned in the post about PL4 EA6 “In case you missed the 3.3.2 recently released update of PhotoLab for Mac…”

I’m still on 3.2.0 build 45, which is said to be up-to-date!

Platypus: your title states 3.3.2 and your text 3.2.2? What’s correct? :wink:


On Catalina, I also get a popup to install the new DPL after having previously.

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I’ve meanwhile been to my account page, but, although I did not download immediately (hesitating as I’m on Elite, and only Essential was offered for free), I got an email not 5 minutes later.
I’m back in business now, running 3.3.2 build 59, where indeed the option to hide/show the Image Properties Overlay is also present.
Well, it was perhaps quite OK that I first tried it on my version (3.2.2) so that I can confirm the menu option is both present in v.3 as in v.4 ß.
Thanks for your reply.