PhotoLab Bug - Repair/Clone tool settings not updating cursor

Since changing the cursor from “filled in” to “outline”, it is not reacting visually to changes in size, feathering, etc.

  1. If I use Cmd | scroll to change the size, the cursor doesn’t change until you either move it to the adjustment panel or scroll the image (but only if it is zoomed in)

  2. If you change the size on the adjustment panel, when you move back to the image, the cursor is not always visible until you click on the image, but it might not be accurately placed. This is intermittent behaviour and can occur whether or not the show masks box is checked.

3 & 4 idem for the feathering (but using shift instead of Cmd)

The problem of the cursor not always reappearing after making an adjustment in the panel is also there for the opacity.

Command-scroll does not change the outline size of the repair/clone tool here.
Shift-scroll changes the feather though.

Note 1: Tested with DPL on macOS Mojave. The new cursor shows a very clear outline and a dotted inner circle which can be seen (or not) depending on what the color is that the cursor overlays.
Note 2: The cursor is not always shown. Sometimes, I have to go back to its size sliders to get it back.

I could totally live without the blue haze - I don’t see any benefit in having it.

Indeed, there’s a problem there. We’re working on fixing it!


Excellent ! I’ll await tomorrow’s download with anticipation :wink::crazy_face:


Excellent ! I’ll await tomorrow’s download with anticipation :wink::crazy_face:

Haha, you might be a little optimistic here :flushed:


We are optimistic in what concerns your efforts :+1:

Well, the bug is fixed at least… The release of it however, might not be for tomorrow :wink:


And what about the Windows people?