PhotoLab 2 Keeps Crashing

The program crashes upon reaching recent downloaded photos taken with Sony A77II and DT 16-50 SSM lens. Just purchased the A77II camera. Opened PhotoLab and browsed to the recently added photos. All of the photos show up in the photo strip. The profile of the camera and lens were downloaded to PhotoLab. The first 3 or 4 photos open without a problem. Clicking on the 3 or fourth photo results in the crash. A DXO message appears but it doesn’t stay long enough on the screen to completely read the message nor act on whatever it states. Almost immediately thereafter the screen becomes faded out and a message appears that indicates the program is trying to determine the problem. Whatever problem has occurred it is never resolved. Have to X out of the program to stop whatever it is doing. The odd thing is that it’s possible to open all of the photos in LR without any issue.

In your Documents folder, do you see a folder called DxO PhotoLab 2 logs? Is there another folder for crashes? The contents of these folders might shed some light on the problem.

I also recommend running Event Viewer to check the Windows Application and System logs for any errors that might have occurred at the time PhotoLab 2 failed.

Have you tried re-downloading and installing PhotoLab 2?

Also, try closing PhotoLab, rename the folder which contains your photos (or copy them to a new folder), and open that folder in PhotoLab to see if the problem goes away.

Good morning @outerbank10,

Please, create a ticket in and provide the logs suggested by @Egregius there.

Svetlana G.