Photolab 2 Elite and Filmpack Elite

I am new to DXO software products, but I was impressed with trial versions I used after buying a DXO One camera, so I purchased the following last week

  1. PhotoLab 2 Elite
  2. Nik Collection
  3. FilmPack Elite
  4. ViewPoint Elite

I thought I’d splash out and get everything, but Im still new to the software.

My question is, in standalone FilmPack I get nearly 100 presets, including presets for specific film stock etc.
However, when I try and use FilmPack within Photolab, I only get about 25 presets, and non of them are related to film stock

Why am I missing most of my FilmPack presets when I use it inside Photolab ?

Many thanks


Are you seeing the FilmPack 5 Elite license when you open PhotoLab?

Once you have Film Pack 5 running what you need is the Color Rendering palette.

Here’s what my core corrections look like. I usually choose Color Rendering second, right after fixing white balance, as every other change is affected by color rendering.

Let us know if you have any other questions after trying Color Rendering.


I understand his confusion. In FilmPack there are 121 presets, including those for the various film types, where you can get a preview of what your image will look like before selecting it. He was expecting to see those same presets in the PhotoLab plug-in. However, of course, with the plugin you only get the non-film type FilmPack presets. and have to select the film types from a list in Color Rendering, at you pointed out. Unfortunately,it is not very intuitive. And, of course, as a result the plug-in does not provide film type previews like the stand alone version does. For those not familiar with the effects all those different films types will have on their image, it may be a bit disappointing and more of a struggle deciding which film type to select. If someone wanted to, they could create a preset for each film type, but it would be a big effort.



Hy welcome to the forum ,

Filmpack elite is more then just presets.

01%20contrast%20controle%20filmpack%20elite%205%20things 02%20color%20rendering%20filmpack%20elite%205%20plugin

and filters like




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That’s quite true, of course, but all he wanted to know is where the presets from the standalone version are when FilmPack is used as a plug-in for PhotoLab.



yes true i over read the fact that he already purchased i thought it was “trail” looking.
(well i leave it here for others :relaxed:)

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As suggested, I have looked at the color rendering area of the film pack pallette and all the film presets I thought I was missing are there.

Thanks everyone, I think I am sorted :slight_smile:

Since I’m retired and have time, I’m considering building presets for the all the film types as seen in the stand-alone version. If I do, I will make them available to Photolab users, who also have FilmPack, at no cost.



Wow Mark, thats very generous :grinning:

Mark, a big THANK YOU

Tous les presets de FilmPack sont disponibles avec le plugin intégré à PhotoLab dans le rendu des couleurs (options FilmPack). Sauf les rendus Designer qui sont appelés par le bouton “Appliquer un autoréglage” dans la barre commande en haut de l’écran.

All of the FilmPack presets are available with PhotoLab’s built-in plugin for color rendering (FilmPack options). Except the Designer renderings that are called by the “Apply preset” button in the command bar at the top of the screen.

Don’t thank me just yet. I did one and it only took a minute or two. I just need a block of time. I’m also not sure where to put them so others can access them. I’ll have to figure that part out. I didn’t check to see how big it is but I’m pretty sure each preset is fairly small in size. If I’m going to distribute them, even for free, I’m probably going to have to see if I can put the registered trademark symbol in the name, and whether that will create a naming problem for Macs and PCs.


Before you do too much work, Mark … there’s an easy way to preview all the FilmPack-related film-types;

  • Within Color Rendering, select, say, “Color negative films …”
  • Then select the first Rendering type (“Adox Color Implosion”) … it will be applied to the image for your assessment
  • Then, with your cursor still on the Rendering option-box, simply press Down-Arrow to scroll thru all available film types.
  • Ditto for Color Positive Films … etc

Regards, John M

PS. If you decide to stick with your preset approach then remember to create them as Partial presets.


I was thinking about creating presets and share them.

For this I would:

  • start with an empty partial preset to make sure local corrections are not reset
  • look at the actual file and figure out if I can automatically generate the rest (I hate repetitive work)
  • publish the result on Github with a Creative Commons license that allows commercial usage and encourage other people to contribute updates, fix errors or come up with an even cooler idea

Before you do too much work, Christian … See above.

John M

Yes, thanks. I saw your post. It was more a general idea on how to create and share own presets, e. g. with variations in strength, without having to do everything manually…

very kind to do.

Very easy: create a gmail account and you get 15Gb cloud storage for free.
and you can open it for downloading by sharing.

I hold down an scrolled to the end, then i realized you just select one filter ánd apply that and with a arrow so scroll up or down to change the filter which is automatic aplied.
Still a need trick :slight_smile:

Good thinking, sins we have a new category you can put the link there when you ready.

About partial presets, did any one some on contrast? like:
Not the common one’s as low mid and high on one slider as contrast is but more fine tuned one’s
which includes micro and fine settings?

most of the time i just fiddle a bit until i am satisfied (i am to impatient to look through al the possibilities behind all tools :pensive:) but a partial preset list to apply only for contrast for portrets, landscape, buildings, sundowns, That could be usefull.
(like the NIK’s black and white filters can do)

But it’s still just a list. Using the down arrow, (on a PC) does nothing. And yes they would be partial presets.