PhotoLab 2.3 crashes on remote desktop session


i have PhotoLab installed on a workstation. For some reasons i don’t want to always hang around in my mancave, i’d like to use a laptop instead.
When i take over the workstations desktop via ‘windows remote desktop’, the running PhotoLab session instantly closes (or crashes, i don’t know, it’s gone).
Both machines are running on windows 10.

It is usually not a big deal, but very annoying on bigger projects/folders when PhotoLab spends some time reloading all the images and i lose the spot where i was working on.

I would very much appreciate if you could fix this.

Can we assume this is not a resource issue. The problem only occurs when you remote into the workstation, and all other installed programs function normally on this machine either “in person” or remotely? PL runs normally (without issues) when you run it locally? Not a licensing issue, right?

Have you reviewed the System Event Viewer for possible error information? What’s the failure?

What you’ll want your reply to include?

Your hardware - Complete system specs.
Windows OS version and build
User you are logging in with is local admin?

If the issue is related to software, DxO support will likely ask you for:

PL log files - ( Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 2 logs

hijack this report -

Open case and upload to


I have really nothing to add after @shadowsports instructions, thank you :).

Please, create a support ticket with the info requested above.

Svetlana G.