PhotoLab 1.20: where has the 100% view box gone?

I’ve upgraded to 1.20 and now can’t find the 100% view box in the right-side ‘customize’ column. I expect it’s user error. Can anybody point me at it?
This was a combination of misunderstanding and misremembering on my part, don’t waste your time seeing me be an idiot unless you are entertained by things like that

I’m not sure what you are referring on when you say “100% view box in the right-side ‘customize’ column”, but there is a 1:1 icon among the group of icons above the image area and that will give you 100% view. Are you by any chance referring to the Move/Zoom box which can be displayed by clicking on that option in the Palettes menu?


I realize that I can zoom the main image and navigate the box in move/zoom to get the same functionality, but I tended to use the box on the right.
Maybe the 100% box is gone because it was redundant (?)
It kind of was, other than providing a simultaneous view of a small area at 100% and a global view of what any adjustments were doing. And no zoom in/out delay.

No major probs changing my workflow.

Again, I don’t recall any box on the right to do this. Perhaps I never had it displayed or just never used it. But I’m not aware of any changes to the interface in this update. Maybe someone else can chime in.


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Hm… I feel confused. We didn’t change anything about the zoom. Could you, please, have a look at this screenshot and tell me which one are you talking about?

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Svetlana G.

It never occurred to me he might be referring to the Noise Reduction viewer box since he didn’t mention anything about noise reduction.


This is the only one I can imagine on the right :wink:

By the way how can I quote someones else’s reply, like you did mine, on this forum. I don’t see a quote reply option. Using the reply just under the post I want to quote doesn’t seem to do it.


Voilà :blush:

Thank you very much! I see how its done. Not terribly intuitive though.


You are welcome :slight_smile:

OP here.
Yeah, it was the noise reduction preview box. I was using it, not for a noise reduction preview but to see exactly what my changes to shadows and blacks were doing in a small area while still being able to see the ‘look’ of the entire photo.
I shoot in FF, ETTR, and don’t shoot in light that camera has noise issues with, so I’ve never needed to preview noise reduction :slight_smile:
Downside is that once I upgraded to 1.20, I could not remember where that box was :frowning:
Mea culpa.

I’m glad to hear that the problem is solved and you’ve found your “100% view box” :wink:

Svetlana G.