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Hi all
It is now 19 years I am using digital photography and a lot of software to manage them.
At the end I learned that I will still change of photo manager in the future for any reason.

And What I learned also is that every time I am changing, I am loosing all my info (location, rating of the picture, tags…). To solve this issue I avoid to have this info in the software database and put them as much as possible in the EXIF info on the JPEG. I can do that using XNview but as photolab could do it, would be better.

Now my question using Photolab, how to update the jpeg with the rating attached to it ?

Like you, Laurent, I am wary about investing any effort into a DAM “black box” - - which is why I use a very simple, but effective, combination of directory structure & image-file naming to manage my images.

Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible with PhotoLab - - - but you might like to propose this option in the “Which feature do you need?” category.

Regards, John M

In fact DPL already reads the data xmp (rating of the picture)

  • included in JPEG files
  • by sidecar.xmp for raw files

First, you create them with XnView.
When DPL discover both files (filename.raw + filename.xmp) the ratings (yellow stars) have followed.


Hi Pascal,

Not sure to understand well.
What I want to do is not to use XNview any more.

What about I update the rating in DPL, would it update the JPG or xmp file ?

This depends on the position in your flow.

BEFORE DPL treatment.
You can use XnView (or other DAM) to transmit rating:
by xmp metadatas incapsuled in JPEG file
by sidecar.xmp next to your raw file

AFTER DPL treatment.
OS file manager and viewers see the rating incapsuled in DPL’s exported JPEG file.
DPL can’t export rating by sidecar.xmp for raw files.

I think I understand this is your case.


Exactly !
I have logged an improvement request

Hi Laurent - - I notice that this question has been duplicated in another thread … where it was answered better by @RexBlock, here than it was by me (above).

Regards, John M

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