Photo library: show thumbnails with user-chosen metadata

Rationale: it is sometimes difficult to pick a thumbnail among a series of similar images.

2020-08-13 UPDATE:
I would really like an instant display of image metadata in the image browser section, both in the photo library tab and in the customize image tab.

  • Simply hovering the pointer should update the contents of the metadata
  • The metadata palette should be dockable in the image browser section
  • The metadata palette should be viewable concurrently with other palettes such as the source browser

Possible display location: top border of thumbnails.

User-selected metadata items.

Example of metadata display :
** filetype Raw, JPG, TIF files using symbols such as :registered:, (T), (J)*
** timestamp: hh:ss*
** focal length in mm*
** aperture (f number)*
** image dimensions height x width*
** flash used using symbol :zap:*
** iso number*

you can always hover your mouse over the thumbnail and get that info, or am missreading your proposal.

Do you mean like this?

The Image properties panel is available via menu option, shortcut key or right mouse click (Windows). Once opened it stays open until you use the close button (at least on Windows). The details in it change as you select different thumbnails. You can’t change what is displayed, but everything on you list is there.

There is also a setting to display the list on mouseover, but it only displays it for about 5 seconds. I don’t find that short duration very useful, and that window is in the way when you don’t need to see it. See the image @Joanna posted above.

Mark …

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Curently, using a mouse, you have to hover sequentially across each thumbnail and wait for the popup. With the proposal you see it instantly for all thumbnails at once.