Photo Library move is now a copy? -- CLOSED

I used the Photo Library in PL4 4.0.2. build 45 to move some images from one directory to another. Imagine my surprise when I found the originals were still in place.

After sorting things out in finder and terminal, I concluded that the file drag and drop operation in PhotoLibrary only copies the dropped files.

Is this the expected new behavior? It gets really confusing to find multiple copies of the same image on a disk, then try to figure out which is the better copy (which always comes down to comparing the two associated sidecar files).

I just tried this, and whilst at first it appeared to have left the original there, when I went out of the folder and back in again, it had indeed moved it. I also confirmed this in finder. I think it just doesn’t refresh the original folder immediately.

Edit: Just to add, I was moving from one folder to another - perhaps a directory is different?

Hmmm … tried it again and it did indeed move the file (instead of copy).

I will close this one and mark it up to tester error, and apologise for taking up your time with it.

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no need to apologise. I hadn’t realise you could move things in there, so I have learnt something :blush:

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