Photo library : how can I sort photos by year ? month ? date?


My photo library is a 80000 picture library, which is quite big, so I need a quick way to find and view pictures by year, month or even date (as I used to have in Lightroom… I am a fan of Photolab don’t worry :slight_smile: ).

I could not find any option to do this, any idea ?

I thought about creating a project for every year which would do the trick but will I be able to search a picture across multiple projects later on if I need to ?

I am new to photoLab3, i have been looking for this in the forum but could not find it…

thanks in advance for your reply,


Hello @DidierM and welcome to the forum,

You can do it with the search:


But first you should “Index your folders” and then run a search. All the found images will be shown in the Filmstrip.

Svetlana G.

Thank you.
I forgot to precise I wanted to sort/group photos by year/month/date within a project and not in the folder hierarchy.
Your answer works but is far too long to do, what I would expect is a free view of my photos within a project, or a similar thing.
For instance, I would like to scroll my photos taken in 2012, quickly with my mouse, typing a search criteria would take me too much time, especially when i don’t know the exact dates of my photos, or even the exact month and even year. it is possible there were taken in 2011 or 2013, I would have to change my search criteria 3 times. If I could view pictures by year, graphically, this would be quick and no typing.
I don’t know if you see what I mean, or maybe I do not use Photolab the correct way.

There is maybe another solution to my pb ?

thanks again for your quick answer.


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