Photo library filter : filter by name collocated with the filter symbol ( funnel ) in the image explorer

  • edited the message as follows :

It would be useful to change the user interface to allow intuitive filtering by filename.

I stumbled on the user interface which displays a filter button in the file explorer and has a data entry box above the folders explorer.

The data entry box for filtering filenames is not not where I had expected it, that is next to the filter button in the image explorer.

Thanks to user mwsilvers :grinning: I saw that searching is easy once you know where it is.

The request is thus to improve the user interface by collocating the filter button and the filter by name data entry.

I am not sue if I completely understand your goal, but you can accomplish that filtering by doing a search by filename.


I just tested and it didn’t work, until I find that it takes at least 3 characters.