Photo Library Favorites

I’m new to DXO PhotoLab 4. Is there any way to mark folders as Favorites so I don’t have to look through everything on my laptop?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dan Cooksey
Corrales, New Mexico

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I’ve not tried this, but the Project function may be the answer. See p46 of the downloadable user guide linked in the Help menu.

So far as I am aware there is not. But I share your view - to have to have all folders available to view when some/most of them will not even be photo related seems strange. It is an ok starting point but a tab for favourites (PL specific) would be helpful.

I use projects for this. Create a new project and give it the name you want. Then open the folder of files you want, select them all, and drag them to your project.

An advantage of using a project is it can contain a full folder of files or just a few selected ones, you choose what it has.