Photo Lab Version Confusion


I have PhotoLab v1.2.2 build 3239 according to the About screen.

I just received an ad from DxO inviting me to upgrade to DxO PhotoLab 2. However when I look at the list of features it seems the same as what I have. I don’t see any comparison on the web site between 1 and 2, although maybe I missed it. What would I get for my $70?


Greetings, Mike. Simple answer is to visit and scroll down to the “What’s New” section. You’ll see three areas of change described. Also, you get a lot of new camera and lens support by upgrading. Whether or not it’s all worthwhile is a personal decision. The changes from PL 1 to 2 aren’t huge, but development is always ongoing. I would say be prepared for another major release before the end of November, based on last year - but one can’t be sure.


If Your DPL1 works well, just wait a little longer.

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Nach der Update Meldung Heute
Ist in der neuen Version der Nik Filter Button geändert und wieder weg?
Wenn nicht, so sage ich 200 Euro in den Sand geworfen und ich bin von DXO um 200 Euro betrogen worden!

Google Übersetzer
After the update message today
Is the Nik Filter Button changed and gone again in the new version?
If not, I say 200 euros thrown in the sand and I have been cheated by DXO for 200 euros!

I would also suggest to wait for the mid fall.

Svetlana G.