Photo Lab Filters

I hadn’t used PhotoLab in a while and I swear there used to be a Filter drop down that included a number of different options, among them was a “Cool” and “Warm” filter. It had an intensity slider as well. This was useful as a quick and easy way to fix temperature of pictures rather than messing with white balance. I cannot find it now and I assume it was removed for some reason? I don’t think I ever had a FilmPack license.

Hello @samanchek and welcome to the Forum,

If you are talking about this one:


It’s definitely a part of FP package.

  • Maybe you run a Trial version of FP and as soon as it ended up the Filmpack palette disappeared.

Svetlana G.

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for! I actually figured it out. I had checked my DXO account but found no FilmPack purchase but realized I had received it as a gift a while back. When I installed it on my new computer I did not reload the FP license.

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