Photo Lab 7??

I would like to buy PL6, but I am a little bit concerned, wheter PL7 is just around the corner. So better to wait for PL7???

In the past the new version came in Oct/Nov. I think it is fair to assume that this year will be the same.
If you can wait then wait for Black Friday - Nov. 24th.

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Every year a new version of PL is released at the beginning of November, but what would the reason for waiting be, if you need it?

Buy it now, and start enjoying it with all the thousand pictures you may take from here to November! And only then, if the new features are interesting, you will decide whether or not to get the upgrade at a very discounted price…

It’s the same attitude I have for buying new cameras and lenses… Do I need them? If I do, and I can afford them, no reason for waiting and wasting opportunities.


Actually, it is released during October every year, usually during the 3rd week. PhotoLab 6 was an exception. It was released earlier than usual on October 5, 2022.



No one really knows when the next major version will be released. In the past they have been released in October. PL6 was released in October. One may presume PL7 will be released in October. They may be right…. They may be wrong.

I would be surprised if PL7 were released in the next few months.

But no one knows…

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