Photo lab 4

Any news in regards to Photolab 4? Will we finally get RAW to 16bit HEIF export, to reduce the size of our library, compared to TIFF?

Wow. That’s a very particular hobby horse you rode in on. I sort of understand the iPhone users who want to be able to edit their HEIF masters. Not entirely as the HEIF files have no more information than the converted jpegs. The HEVC video is another matter, but iPhone HEIF files are not 16-bit or any better than jpegs at this point, at least in my own testing with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Moreover, I would be very cautious about betting the future of my photo archive on a proprietary new format, btw, Robert.

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This feature request for HEIF support (where DxO has already shared some hints about future support) has 56 votes:

So there’s plenty of interest. Probably not as much practical value right now - none of the software I regularly on Windows seems to support HEIF - but maybe that will change, and maybe it’s a different story on Mac? I can see why one would want DxO to be ahead of the curve.

There are some solutions on Mac, that allow Edited RAW files to be exported to HEIF. Unfortunately, they are limited when it comes to the color depth. 16bit isn’t an option. As far as I am aware, there is one Windows solutions that currently supports 16bit HEIF export, but I would prefer Photolab or C1. Both don’t have RAW to HEIF at all.

Please note: I don’t care at all about HEIF import, as I don’t own the latest Canon, nor iPhone, and shoot raw.

I think this coult be the more interessting question.

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